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Minister Sergeenko meets MPs

By Keti Arjevanidze
Wednesday, March 20
Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia, Davit Sergeenko met with Parliamentary Healthcare and Social Issues Committee members on March 19.

The healthcare minister spoke about the details of the general insurance program launched February 28. Sergeenko also revealed the future plans of the ministry and also answered questions posed by MPs.

Sergeenko thinks that the general insurance program has achieved its main aim. According to him, the first aim of the program was the financial accessibility of emergency medical aid for every citizen. “Georgia joined 32 other countries that have national healthcare systems.

The minister also focused on two types of insurance packages and the process of its launch. According to him, until July 1, only emergency cases-operations will be financed and from July 1, a second type of health packages will go into effect.

United National Movement (UNM) member, Gigi Tsereteli, said that there are a lot of questions in society regarding the general insurance program. Tsereteli also added that they are interested in a new project and the terms of the insurance projects launching. Most MPs were interested in this issue, as well as in the social projects planned in the ministry.

UNM MP Mikheil Machavariani became interested in the building of new medical centers, and asked for three years’ perspective regarding the issue. As a reply to Machavariani, Sergeenko said the ministry works on the map of Georgia in order to develop and improve the mission.

Machavariani also asked about the pharmacies, adding that in society there was a doubt that during previous government the pharmaceutical industry was monopolized. The minister avoided providing a direct answer to the issue, saying that it is not a familiar field for him.

Although he said that he had consultations with analysts and thinks that it is not an ideal model of running the industry, he did admit “I do not think that it is something criminal.”

Viktor Dolidze, the parliamentary Europe Integration committee head, welcomed minister Sergeenko’s visit to the healthcare committee and added that this kind of practice should be maintained and intensified.