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Do you think the crime rate in Georgia has increased?

Wednesday, March 20
“I do not think that criminal situation changed in the country after the elections or the amnesty. I have not had any problems.”
Alika, Engineer, 39

“No, definitely not; the situation in this regard is the same as it was a year ago.”
Feride, economist, 25

“I think that there is no serious change concerning the issue– maybe only a small rise.”
Mariam, Pupil, 18

“I'm not aware of the official statistics on crime, but I have not noticed any negative or positive changes in the situation.”
Mary, Student, 20

“The people who are the biggest criminals in the world are now in prison or soon will be. I refer to the United National Movement."
Keti, PR Manager, 26

"No I don't think so. I haven't heard about any particular cases around me."
Sophio, Journalist, 24

"Fortunately nothing has happened with my relatives and friends and I cannot just judge over the claims of others."
Mari, Copy Editor, 23

"I think that it has risen yes. I have heard about several cases of crime lately. I cannot name a certain reason for that, but I suppose that it may be connected with the large-scale amnesty in the country."
Tina, Lawyer, 29

"I do not think that it has increased.”
Giga, Writer, 35