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UNM to vote regarding constitutional changes

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 21
On March 19, the opposition United National Movement (UNM) announced its readiness to support the ruling Georgian Dream coalition in the proposed constitutional changes. However, the party still clings to certain conditions, as it wants a test-vote to be held prior to this so that it can gauge how many votes the ruling coalition needs from the opposition.

Visibly the UNM has made a concession and a step forward towards cohabitation. However, it still wants to highlight its ability to influence the situation and the decision-making process.

The final process still needs to be adjusted. However, the Georgian Dream is determined to carry out a vote on the amendments on March 21.

Whether the test-voting will take place or not, has not been decided. So, the controversial paragraph giving the president the unilateral right to dismiss parliament and the government and appoint a new executive body will be voted on and presumably eliminated.

The Georgian Dream has been insisting for some time about this amendment, whereas the UNM was stubbornly repeating that the president will not use this power and thus was refusing to introduce constitutional changes.

However, Georgian Dream insisted and decided to vote on the issue anyway, declaring that every single MP should take personal responsibility for their individual votes which will be made public so that everybody knows who has voted for and against the amendments targeted against the dictatorial formula of the current constitution.

Until recently, the ruling coalition did not have the 100 votes necessary for adoption of the amendments; although the Georgian Dream had repeated many times that they would achieve the necessary votes.

So, March 21 will be a crucial date for the current situation in the country. Many steps on behalf of both parties will depend on the results of this voting.

Analysts have attempted to calculate and predict the different scenarios. There are multiple options and things could develop in any of these directions. Currently, we refrain from giving extra opinions, suggesting only the existing realities and waiting for the March 21 voting results.