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What do you think about the environment conditions in Georgia? How do you personally care about environment?

Thursday, March 21
“I care about environment. I do not drive very often, do not smoke and do not drop papers or dust in the street.”
Khatuna, Designer, 40

“I think that Georgians do not care about the nature… there are countries that have quite bad natural conditions and care too much about it, when we have a brilliant natural environment and are careless. As for me I never drop useless things in the street or in nature. It will be good if students voluntary groups are created that will carry out some volunteer actions for nature protection as in some other European countries.”
Lasha, musician, 30

“I think that the nature isn't protected in our country. People don't care about nature.”
Luka, pupil, 15

“I teach my 2 year-old daughter that she should throw the rubbish in a recycle bin, when arranging picnics me and my husband always clean the site around us, also we save water at home… I think this is all what we do for protecting the nature but I am afraid it is not enough.”
Anuka, Editor, 27

“I am afraid Georgian people lack “culture” of protecting environment this is why the Ministry of Environment should become very active and encourage people to care about the things around them; video clips or leaflets should be distributed among the youth to raise their awareness and responsibility.”
Dato, Geologist, 31

“For many years now environment has been and issues no one cares about. I think the situation in Georgia is really troublesome, especially recently when several hydropower stations are being built. Its time for the government to take actual steps to protect the environment, otherwise the situation will become irreversible soon”.
Nia, law student, 24

“Regrettably it does not seem that someone really cares about the environment, neither people nor our government. Rivers are polluted in the country as well as air. First of all we need to adopt proper legislation so the environment could be protected. Personally I am trying not to waste power or water, not throw garbage in the nature.”
Vakhtang, economist, 34