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Problems in the egg producing industry

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 25
There is a visible crisis in the egg producing segment of Georgiana agriculture. Due to some steps taken by the current governement, there were different concessions made with regard to importing Georgian products that has encouraged traders to import larger amounts of eggs from neighboring countries. Therefore, the local egg-production system has problems in competing with imported production. As such, egg producing enterprises are either closing down or decreasing the volume of their production. Businessmen involved in this industry explain that the special sanitary control for eggs introduced from abroad was abolished, thus importers were encouraged to introduce more eggs from Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine and Iran. Meanwhile Georgian production of eggs is taxed by VAT at 18%, therefore they cannot compete with the imported eggs. The entrepreneurs involved in this industry are doing their best to explain their problems to high officials and steps need to be taken urgently. They say that unless some measures are taken quickly, over time, no Georgian eggs will exist on the Georgian market.