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What do you think about the poverty level in Georgia and how do you help poor people?

Monday, March 25
“In my opinion the situation has not been changed, the media is simply not covering such social issues and the population thinks that the situation has been fixed. The government should be more involved in this. Unfortunately my financial condition does not give me the opportunity to help poor people.”
Maia, Housewife, 34

“There are a lot of poor people in Georgia; almost 70% is under the level of poverty. If giving money to beggars is considered as assistance than yes, I do help the poor and sometimes I also transfer money to charity organizations helping people in need.”
Keti, Social Media Editor, 26

“The poverty level in Georgia is very high and it is getting even worse. But I must confess, I do not often help others.”
Gocha, Interpreter, 29

“I do not know exactly what the level of poverty we have in Georgia, but I try to help my acquaintances (who I know live in poverty) so that not to be ashamed and give coins to those people who are begging in streets, but not to all of them - just those who really need money because in some cases, I think some people are pretending as if they are poor just to gather money for fun.”
Tamta, Lawyer, 23

“I think poverty level is high in Georgia, I would like to open an organisation where we all will be able to put our part of income and help poor people.”
Ani, Teacher, 25

“I think that government should immediately take the necessary measures to reduce poverty and help those families which face hunger and extreme hardship. As for me, unfortunately I can't say I do much to help poor people.”
Tamuna, Translator, 24

“I think that Georgia is at emergency level in this field and for nearly two years, I was working at a Spanish international organization– action against hunger– and this organization and our organization made too much in this field, but it should be done more. In this year, according to the unstable political and economical situation our organization has small funds and it had minimized its area of work and also staff.”
Nino, NGO employee, 24