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Tuesday, March 26
Who is guilty in death of a child?

The question of who is guilty in the death of one-year-old Gogita Abashidze with hunger has been among the most burning issues for the last several days. Batumelebi wonders why the Abashidze family was not included in the list of socially vulnerable, why the Social Service Agency (SSA) was indifferent towards this issue and why the neighbours from the village could not assist the family and inform the relevant offices about the conditions of their neighbours in time?

Head of Khelvachauri SSA Badri Mamuladze told Batumelebi that in 2012 the social agent visited the family when the child was not yet born, while he said afterwards the family did not contact SSA. He said they have child care service and the family of Abashidze would have at least been given a voucher for food. “But unfortunately we did not have any information,” Mamuladze said, adding that it was in 2007 when the family addressed the state for social protection but did not appear in the database for the vulnerable.

According to Mamulashvili the issue of the parents’ responsibility is also on the agenda. He said now the SSA is studying the conditions of the brothers and sisters of the late child so that their parents may be suspended of the rights and the children may be moved to foster care.

Neighbors of the family say they did not know about the conditions of the child. “I think even the parents did not know about his conditions,” one of the neighbors said, adding that the family lived in poverty.

Socially vulnerable people protest in front of Tbilisi City Hall

Liberali reports that socially vulnerable families held a rally in front of Tbilisi City Hall demanding a meeting with Mayor Gigi Ugulava. The blockage of street caused a clash with police officers who were trying to free the street. However, the people kept claiming that they have elementary living conditions and live in anti-sanitary conditions as well.

Representatives of City Hall said they will satisfy the demands of the socially vulnerable. Deputy Head of City Hall’s Social Service Agency Giorgi Sanikidze met with three of protesters and promised that all the 27 buildings (where these people reside) will be cleaned and the families will have electricity and water.

The protesters said they will wait for a couple of days, but if City Hall does not take any steps, they will continue protesting.