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Wednesday, March 27
Patriarch’s Foundation will hold a rally to overcome poverty

Netgazeti reports that a Foundation created by Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II, plans to assist children and families facing poverty by Easter. Chief Manager of the Foundation Lasha Zhvania thinks the one-time rally may be more effective because it will draw public attention towards one particular problem.

According to Zhvania, the Patriarch’s foundation is oriented on science and culture, but very often they cannot get passed the social issues. He said the foundation has a project for school children where their paintings are sold and money is gathered. The proceeds are used to assist the children who lack family care or have health problems.

“We will continue this program, but now we will try to hold a one-time rally,” Zhvania said, adding that the foundation is now thinking of putting special baskets at super markets where people can donate while shopping. He explained that people are now fasting, so they do not spend much money on meat or dairy products, thus this money can be used for helping others.

Zhvania encouraged those who cannot make a financial contribution to share their ideas with the Patriarch’s Foundation or even provide physical assistance.

“It is not only about money,” he said, explaining that people should be motivated instead of being indifferent.

1, 790 employees fired from self-governments

Liberali reports that according to the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), 1,790 employees of local self-governments have been dismissed from October 1, 2012 to February 28, 2013. Based on the information released by Interpressnews, Liberali reports that ISFED personally studied the staff changes at self-governments after the Parliamentary Elections.

In particular cases, the sacked employees say they were fired directly by their supervisors, while the majority denies such facts. Some former employees say they decided to quit after the change of the government. According to ISFED, out of 18 municipalities, only 6 had selected new staff members based on the open vacancy.

Discouraging the existing trend, ISFED representatives suggest that the public sector should be free from political influence and staff turnover should be carried out within the legal frames.