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Do you think the change of government should reflect on the civil servants? Should they be changed in a new political environment?

Wednesday, March 27
“I think that the changing of the government should have some influence on public servants. I do not agree with all of them being dismissed of course. However, some selection is important.”
Nino, Student, 21

“Well, I believe that the staff of the public servants should depend on the changing of the government. Some of them might be sacked if they had committed some crime during their time in office.”
Nana, medical representative, 21

“It all depends on the servants. If they are professionals of course they should keep their posts. In case the staff is unprofessional or have violated any regulations, they should be replaced by the new government.”
Saba, lawyer, 25

“Georgians should finally get used to the fact that state servants are “state” not “government” servants. They should not be replaced after the government changing of course, as they should be serving the country not particular high officials.”
Ana, doctor, 34

“New government members should not feel that they have any right to dismiss state servants, unless the servants have violated law or are not qualified enough.”
Ilia, public relations expert, 37

“Public sector should be protected from any political bias because even though every government needs their own loyal staff, it is not fair to dismiss people who are professionals and who have families to feed.”
Nino, Housewife, 51