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What do you think about the economic course of the current government?

Thursday, March 28
“I think that if the coalition carries out its promises and launches all the steps it had promised, our economic condition will be really nice. All the steps that had already been carried out by the coalition through agricultural development are acceptable and will really help farmers. I think that in a year it will be revealed how effective they are.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“In my opinion, the economy isn't developing at all. I wish it will develop in a short period of time.”
Luka, Pupil, 15

“I think that Georgian economy is developing very slowly… the reason of this is due to low qualifications of the economic team and the government as well.”
Goga, Engineer, 42

“I think the new government has done a lot of things for encouraging agricultural development in the country. This is the main step I can name at this moment and I think by distributing tools for farming is really important support for the people who are working on the cultivation of land.”
Giorgi, Architect, 34

“As I see it, the country does not make great progress in terms of foreign investments so far. But this may be explained by the transition of power after the Parliamentary elections. This is why I remain hopeful that the economic course of our new leadership will reflect the election promises of the Georgian Dream and will improve the living conditions in the country so that every family would feel the benefit on their own.”
Giga, Writer, 43

"I'm a bit confused about the current economic course of the government, the government has mostly focused on social benefits, which is great, but I think more money should be spent on developing local business. However, I totally welcome the project the government is going to launch for helping Georgian farmers."
Nia, biologist, 29