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Monday, April 1
Georgian Patriarch asks parish to pray for him

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II, blessed the parish during Sunday mass and asked them to pray for him. Interpressnews reports that Ilia II is leaving for the capital of Finland for rehabilitation with a doctor’s recommendation. The Catholicos will spend two weeks in Helsinki. “With God’s blessing and your prayers I will return safe,” Ilia II addressed the people after the mass.

At a Sunday sermon, Ilia II also said that Georgians have one political party in the country– the homeland and its people. Ilia II said that very often people think about their own positions, income and happiness, forgetting the homeland. “Today we are facing a lot of problems and often call this period “transitional.” No one knows how this period will end, but we think it is the other’s obligation to do and to think,” His Holiness said, stressing that homeland is a huge mystery on which every citizen should always be thinking about.

Catholics and Gregorian people celebrate Easter

Catholics and Gregorian people celebrate Easter on March 31st. Netgazeti reports that the newly elected Pope Francis led Easter Sunday Mass in St Peter's Square in the Vatican. Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Georgia Giuseppe Pazotto, released a special festive address where he explained that Easter means life and hope and highlights that death and sins were defeated.

“Easter means that a wish burring in the heart of a person is the wish to live forever,” reads the address congratulating the parish with Easter.

The Georgian President and Prime Minister also released letters of congratulation. “Today when the entire Catholic world is celebrating Easter of Jesus, I want to congratulate the head of Catholics, Pope of Rome Francis and every Catholic,” reads Mikheil Saakashvili’s letter, emphasizing the historic merit of Georgian Catholics in the development of Georgian science, art and culture in general. Saakashvili also congratulated Gregorian and Lutheran people with the festive day as well.

PM Bidzina Ivanishvili congratulated Catholics and Gregorian people in two separate letters.

Talking of the importance of Easter for the Christian world, Ivanishvili said it’s is the symbol of renovation and celebration of life for the parish. “I join the happiness of our Catholic compatriots and wish them prospective for the welfare of our country,” Ivanishvili said, wishing all the best to Gregorian people too.