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How often do you take part in volunteering for events that help people in need?

Monday, April 1
"I usually try my best, but there are so many people in need of expensive medical treatment they can't afford, it's shocking. The majority of Georgian's cannot afford to make a donation due to a very low income."
Nia, office manager, 28

"Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, which is very bad of course, society needs to get used to the idea that people have to help each other. But this is the issue which should be addressed by the government first of all. Ordinary people struggle providing for their own families. The authorities should do their best to provide special health and social plans for the people in most need."
Giorgi, corporate lawyer, 27

“I must confess I was not active several years ago and often ignored beggars standing in the corners of almost every street because I thought my several tetris will not help them and it would be all in vain, but later I started looking at things in a different way – I grew up and realized that me and that person are both equal parts of society this is why I should help anyone in need and help them change their lives to better as well as give an example to my friends or family to do even more!”
Elene, Interpreter, 27

“I think there is so much to be done for such people and only the effort of socially active people is not enough. We need some state program to help all those kids who fight for survival. I often call on the phone numbers to raise funds for such children, but I think this is not enough.”
Sophio, News Producer, 26

“Recently quite often mainly when I see telephone numbers shared or posted on Facebook or by TV aiming to help socially vulnerable people or when a kid needs money to be operated on I regularly dial the number to transfer money to their bank account.”
Diana, PR Manager, 31

“How often it is difficult to say, but every time I heard about these charities, I tried to help them, call the numbers or take part on the web with comments and so on.”
Eldar, Driver, 52