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Should Georgian agricultural products be exported to the Russian market?

Thursday, April 4
“Yes, I absolutely agree with this decision because I think it will be a good chance for Georgian farmers to increase their production and hope for relevant income.”
Shalva, Producer, 26

“I have always been claiming that Georgia and Russia should have trade relations, especially as they are both WTO members. The Russian market is closest for Georgia and it will give local farmers a better chance to develop their small businesses and export agricultural products to Russia, which also has a lot of Georgian citizens who miss traditional Georgian products.”
Elene, Dentist, 34

“Yes, in my opinion Georgian agricultural products should be exported to the Russian market.”
Anna, Translator, 24

“Yes, of course! There is no other way and I doubt anyone who wants to promote agricultural development and is happy for the Georgian farmer’s better conditions cannot have anything against this idea.”
Tornike, Manager, 31

“I think yes, because, in the harvest time, in autumn many people cannot sell their agricultural products. Thus, if the Russian market opens, selling problems will somehow end.”
Elza, Journalist, 29

“Why not? It should be, but it is not the only way for our country's economy to improve. Georgian exports its products to other countries so we do not have to beg to Russia to return us on their market.”
Ana, MA Student, 23

“Before Russia will not acknowledge Georgian territorial integrity it will be nonsense to restore export of Georgian products. Export will definitely bring income but I wish this money would come from the West. Let them spend more money on advertising campaign and attract Eastern Europe.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 28