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What do you think about the recent confrontation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association?

Friday, April 5
"I think that nothing has changed in Georgia since the elections - the police and the government act in the same way. They still think that they are above the law."
Temur, reporter, 28

"In my opinion the MIA has some problems that need to be addressed."
Dato, student, 20

“Well, to tell the truth I didn't like the statements made by the Interior Minister. Gharibashvili acts and protects his employees as Vano Merabishvili did."
Goga, engineer, 42

“I have no idea what is going on between the Interior Ministry and the Young Lawyers’ Association.”
Nino, language specialist, 24

“I think that the issue needs serious investigation. It doesn't matter who commits a crime; he/she should be adequately punished. If there are some questions concerning the MIA, they should be investigated and dealt with properly."
Gvantsa, teacher, 25

"The MIA is concealing something. It is covering up a crime and I hope that the GYLA will fight until the truth is found."
Ia, social worker, 26

“I didn't like how the Minister of Internal Affairs was trying to protect the MIA representative. I think police officers should in general be more respectful towards ordinary citizens."
Gizo, interpreter, 31