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What do you think about the ecological situation in your area? Is there a recreation zone near your district?

Monday, April 8
"It is easy to notice that the ecological situation in the country is catastrophic, especially in the big cities. I live near by the botanic garden, so I can get some fresh air, however it is really hard to breath in Tbilisi. The air is polluted and there are no parks at all for people to spend some time in the green area."
Salome, student, 22

“I think that we face big problems in this regard, the government somehow tries to take care of the nature but society does not, unfortunately. I see people polluting the environment and the parks in Tbilisi.”
Natia, student, 21

"Of course I'm not, and it really is time for the government to take some drastic measures, bad ecology is depicted on our health, people suffer with some serious diseases. I wonder what the city municipalities are thinking. The situation in the villages is not as severe as in Tbilisi; the citizens are being poisoned every single day. There are no parks in my area at all, just a couple trees planted between the buildings. "
Megi, 37, accountant

“No, I am not at all satisfied with the ecological situation in my hometown. I come from Batumi and we have a huge problem with sea pollution, which is not only the problem of my town. Compared with other Georgian cities Batumi is a one of the clearest cities, but still there is a lack of parks and trees in the streets.”
Iako, Cartoonist, 23

“I live near the zoo but the smell of animals is so heavy especially in summer that I would not recommend anyone to take children there.”
Nino, Reporter, 24

“I live at Vazha-Pshavela Avenue and there are a couple of small parks in the vicinity where children can play in sand and parents – read books under the green trees. However, in general the number of vehicles running the large cities is increasing so fast that I am afraid we will face serious ecological problems one day in the future.”
Elene, Housewife, 34

“Ecological problems are vivid in Georgia especially in the cities like Tbilisi, Rustavi and Kutaisi where transportation is high and streets are overloaded with cars. It is a great luxury to have time and money to visit the national parks but not everyone can afford doing so, while green areas and recreation zones are hardly found anywhere in the cities and this fact is really alarming!”
Archil, Dentist, 42