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How important was April 9 in Georgian history? What is your attitude and feeling concerning the date?

Wednesday, April 10
“Of course this day is very important for every citizen of Georgia, but also I have to admit that there is an impression that only adult people remember that day, those who met that day, and the new generation is not well aware of the importance of that day, so I think that we have to strengthen the importance of April 9.”
Davit, Engineer, 45

“April 9 is a very important date in Georgian history of course. My attitude is ambiguous– it's the day of independent and Georgian people’s unanimity. However; it also is day of big pain when our citizens were killed.”
Natia, Student, 20

“Well, I consider that April 9 is one of the most important days in our history and one of the most emotional ones. The day proved that that Georgians have never kneeled at the feet of conquerors. I would wish the whole of Georgia to be as united as that period.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I think April 9, 1989 was a beautiful date with sad consequences, because people struggling for independence were killed. However, two days later was still followed by independence.”
Akaki, Economist, 22

“April 9, 1989 was the one of the most tragic days of our history and one of the most important."
Lile, Reporter, 25

"It is a honor to know that we fought for freedom and we won against not only the USSR, but also U.S.A. and Western politics, which was against USSR complete dissolution and was supporting Gorbachov’s "perestroika" and "glasnost" using their agents money, intelligence bureau and developing nature of Georgian society.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 29

“April 9 was the day which changed the direction of the country, because it changed people's attitude towards the government and towards each other. This day was the logical ending of 70 year governance of Soviet Union. Unfortunately, on the one hand it was tragedy for whole country, but on the other hand it was the starting of new period in our history. It is clear that our feeling concerning this date is very painful, due to these young people, who were killed on April 9. I appreciate their heroism and I know why they were on the Rustaveli Avenue. I appreciate people, who love freedom.”
Nino, MA Student, 21