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Do you consider yourself employed?

Tuesday, April 16
"Im employed and definitely my manager made me sign the contract the same day as I started my recent job. Im not happy with the contract, but still I had to sign it.
Nini, office manager, 24

"I cannot say Im employed, according to the policy of the previous government, Im too old to work. I have some income though, as I give private lessons in maths, but this is not a stable job one would wish for."
Nana 54, housewife

"Luckily I belong to those who managed to find a job straight after graduation from university. Ive been working in the public sector for over 5 years now."
Gio, lawyer, 29

I am employed as I have an official job where I have to carry out my certain duties.
Victoria, Employed, 40

I think that I am employed. I have two jobs, one official one and another unofficial. Income from private teaching that is my unofficial. If I had one normal job, I mean one job with normal salary I would not have to work additional hours and have more time for myself and my family members. I hope that one day there will be normal working conditions in the country and adequate salaries.
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

Yes. I work at a media organisation and have fixed salary, but I also have small business with my friends which is just for fun so I do not consider myself as double-employed as some of my acquaintances use to call me.
Misha, Operator, 27

I am a housewife. I do not have a salary for what I do, but I think being a mother of three small children is a very serious responsibility and we housewives should have some financial assistance.
Lia, Housewife, 31