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Georgia decreases its import of petroleum products in March 2013

Wednesday, April 17
In March 2013, Georgia imported 65.1 million tons of oil products, this according to Georgia's Union of Petroleum Products Importers. This month's gasoline imports totaled 28,900 tons, and the import of diesel fuel 36,200 tons.

Compared with the same period last year; imports of petroleum products in Georgia increased by 12,200 tons. The largest share of gasoline imports belonged to Romania - 41,900 tons, Bulgaria - 23,700 thousand tons, Azerbaijan - 5,000 tons, Italy - 4,300 tons. In the first quarter of 2013, the largest share of imports of diesel fuel fell to Azerbaijan - 35,700 tons, Romania - 16.600 tons, Russia - 14,600 tons, Bulgaria - 7,500 tons, Greece - 3,800 tons.

"The consumption of petroleum products increases with the coming of spring due to the intensification of active farm work, infrastructure projects, construction and transit," Georgia's Union of Petroleum Products Importers reported. (Trend)