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Wednesday, April 17
Ivanishvili: It is unacceptable to illegally dismiss people without any grounds

Netgazeti reports that Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili released a statement about the events going on after the 2012 Parliamentary Elections. PM says in a statement that the Georgian society was used to domination of one single political party during the years, while they now find it hard to perceive the existing reality when different political teams share decision-making at different levels.

“Such a practice has made people think that the change of power after the parliamentary elections local self-governments should also change,” PM said in a statement adding that it is an unfortunate tradition to change political orientation any time the new ruling team comes to power.

Stressing that a line exists between the central and local self-government the statement Ivanishvili said “the Georgian government is loyal to the constitutional principles of distribution of power and independence of self-governments.

Ivanishvili said the accidents that have taken place at the local level have never been managed by the ruling Georgian Dream. He said the government does not interfere into the activities of the local governments and even works on the concept how to increase efficiency of the self-governments as well as increase public participation in the decision-making process.

According to the statement, some questions have been raised over the facts of dismissing local self-government members. “I find people’s illegal dismissal without any grounds unacceptable. I call for the responsible people not to allow removal of their staff with violation of law, including political grounds,” PM stressed in the statement adding that new staff should be selected through healthy competition. Ivanishvili also highlighted that all the facts of pressure or threat will be eradicated.

Kbilahsvili says it is logical that President can be questioned

Tabula reports that at a press conference on Tuesday General Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili said interrogation of President Mikheil Saakashvili is possible in the frames of the August War re-investigation. Kbilashvili said who should be questions is not preliminarily defined, but after the group will be established and investigation plan defined necessity to interrogate those who have anything in common with this issue will become natural.

He said maybe the President can also be among the people who need to be interrogated. However, he said it is not a purpose, but just a procedural decision.

Kublashvili said the only reason to re-investigate the August War is to find out who had committed the war crime if such had taken a place not give any socio-political estimation to the events.

Kbilashvili said if Saakashvili will not cooperate with the investigation the investigation process will be suspended until Saakashvili’s presidency will expire. He said everyone is equal to the law but if the president asked to be a witness refuses to cooperate with investigation, he cannot be forced.