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Do you think the current government will disrupt the UNM rally on April 19?

Thursday, April 18
“I do not believe so. Sooner or later everyone will have to answer all those crimes they have committed against people and the country, no matter if it's April 19 or 29…I do not believe as well that people want to have the same government as we had, especially when there are some positive moves in the country."
Lasha, Musician, 30

“ To tell you the truth, at this moment, I cannot say whether the street rally planned by the United National Movement will be be disturbed or blocked by the ruling team or not.”
Davit, Journalist, 45

“I do not think that the coalition will disrupt the street rally. However, I believe that the appropriate structures will be mobilized.”
Mariam, Language Specialist, 25

“Not the government, but the rain will disturb the rally on Friday. To be fair, if we consider the recent statements from the former UNM members and high-ranked officials against the UNM Secretary General Vano Merabishvili in particular, it is yet a question whether the rally will actually be held or not.”
Marika, Housewife, 31

“The ruling Georgian Dream cannot fulfill its election promises and thus they are trying to discredit the former government. They are trying to shift all their failures to the shoulders of the former government. This way, I think they will do their best to disrupt Friday’s rally. I personally believe that people who want Georgia to follow a Western course will attend this rally.”
Dato, Geologist, 26

“I cannot understand what the purpose of this rally is. Is the UNM going to present their presidential candidate? If “yes” it would be worth announcing this event two months earlier, but if “no” I just wonder why do they want to gather under the rain. Moreover, I think both the local and international actors have been repeating that Georgia is indeed following the Euro-Atlantic course and the country’s foreign policy is not a secret for anyone.”
Salome, Interpreter, 37