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What do you think about the decision of the Tbilisi Mayor's Office to hold concerts at parks on week-ends? How often do you attend open-air concerts?

Friday, April 19
"I think that it is a really important decision. To be honest after 2010 I have not attended any open-air concerts. Until 2010 I always attended. I am 100% supporter of such concerts, music make a man better. Lots of concerts should be held. If I were not a musician God knows who I might be."
Lasha, musician, 30

"I have not heard about this initiative before… I think that it is positive news and as such kinds of concerts are frequently held abroad, I welcome it."
Nino, language specialist, 25

"I think that money from the city budget should not be spent on concerts. A lot of people are hungry and are in need of help. If somebody wants to attend a concert he/she will buy a ticket and attend it in a concert hall or some other venue. I don't welcome the decision."
Mariam, student, 20

"I hope they won't start concerts when it is still cold. In summer it will be nice, so why not.”
Sophio, journalist, 24

"I think it will be nice to listen to good music with friends and relatives in green area like parks. So I welcome this idea and hope that people will enjoy them. I also hope that not much money will be spent unreasonably."
Nikoloz, student, 19

"I think it is a good idea. The younger generation of musicians will have a chance to attract and audience."
Nini, manager, 37

"I think it is better to use municipal finances on social issues and support families facing poverty or children who need special care. I think in the 21st century when everything, especially music, is available online, there is not a great necessity to arrange concerts while there are desperately poor people living in this country."
Ia, teacher, 31