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How would you assess April 19 street rally held by the UNM?

Monday, April 22
“I watched the news on TV and even though I am against the UNM for its 9-years of violations while in governance, I think every government should have a strong opposition just in order to never stop thinking of ordinary people. I am not sure that the UNM is a strong team – they have yet to pay for their mistakes but still, I welcome such rallies which end without bloody confrontations.”
Nino, Housewife, 37

“The street rally had no basis and the aim of the rally did not meet with the content of the manifestation. The UNM claimed as if the rally was for the protection of Georgia’s pro-West direction… I have never heard if participation in the Euro-Atlantic space is possible with making loud statements… it is essential what steps are being done for this aim and not what somebody cries…”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“Well, I think that the main aim of the rally was to give some legal basis to the United National Movement as its establishment as an opposition party.”
Goga, Engineer, 43

“I would positively assess the street rally, as there were no facts of violence or confrontation. Certain segments of Georgian society expressed its view and police ensured a peaceful ongoing of the street rally.”
Nino, Journalist, 25

“There’s nothing I could say about the rally. I’m so tired of all these political events I gave up even watching news on TV.”
Salome, student, 20

“To hold a rally is everyone’s right. It is good that everything was peaceful and no incidents took place. However, I could not really understand what the actual goal of the rally was.”
Mary, housewife, 42

“I’m actually waiting for the time when all these rallies and demonstrations stop in Georgia and politicians finally start to decide all issues in their offices by negotiations, rather than making literally loud speeches on the main street in the country.”
Eka, lawyer, 25