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Koba Davitashvili accuses health care minister in corrupt practice

By Keti Arjevanidze
Wednesday, April 24
Georgian Dream member Koba Davitashvili thinks the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Protection, Davit Sergeenko, is lobbying insurance companies while working on the strategy of state insurance. In an interview with Kronika, Davitashvili accused the Minister of making corrupt deals with private insurance companies, stressing that the insurance policy of the government is focused on the interests of insurance companies instead of the healthcare of the citizens.

To prove his words, Davitashvili cited the resolution approved by the government, under which the private insurance companies were extended contracts for one more year.

According to Davitashvili, the Health Minister continues the policy of the United National Movement (UNM). The low quality of medicines was also named as one of the accusations towards the Minister.

"We face a criminal scheme again concerning the quality of medicines,” he said, stressing that the medicines in Georgia are sold without any state quality control.

Healthcare Minister said Davitashvili’s accusations express an attempt to blame him in corruption deals, which he said is a “heavy crime.” Thus he appealed to Davitashvili to either prove his accusations or publicly apologize.

Commenting on the low quality of medicines, Sergeenko also said there are four stages of medicine quality control instead of the three as it used to be in previous year. “We added the international accredited laboratory, which is responsible for the quality of medicines," said the Minister.

Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili also commented on the issue from Strasbourg. Ivanishvili criticized Davitashvili for discussing this issue publicly until the definitions are made inside the team, as well as for the groundless accusations.

Despite the appeals and notes, Davitashvili is not going to apologize and stated that he will not refrain from public criticism.

Head of the Insurance Association, Devi Khechinashvili, said "there is lack of communication,” adding that the insurance market is in a very bad situation and in 2012, insurance businesses ended with 98% loss. Khechinashvili said it is inevitable to have an agreement between the government and insurance companies on specific topics and revealed his wish to meet with the PM to speak about the state programs.

Head of the Georgian Development Research Institute, Gia Khukhashvili, thinks Davitashvili's statement require further explanation, because there are not enough arguments and signs of corruption. Khukhashvili said Davitashvili is a “very qualified politician”, but he said a line should be drawn between accusations and criticism. “Davitashvili should change his attitude or make more definitions,” said Khukhashvili. Khukhashvili also added that it would be better if Sergeenko and Davitashvili meet each other.