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What do you think about PM Ivanishvili’s speech at PACE?

Wednesday, April 24
“I watched his speech and I can estimate it positively. He spoke well. However, the most important thing is whether his words come true or not, how he will fulfill his promises.”
Goga, Engineer, 42

“Well overall the speech was good, I think it was still possible to give better answers on questions, but still it was way better than the speeches Saakashvili did. Ivanishvili was more calm and narrative.”
Sali, executive manager, 32

“I’m actually pleased with his speech. It was straight to the point unlike the speeches Saakashvili usually delivers at international tribunes. PM was calm and I’m very happy he spoke in Georgian.”
Gia, financial analyst, 45

“I think PM was very confident in what he was saying and sincere at the same time. He covered all the state important issues both on the domestic and international level in 15 minutes and even answered the questions of the CoE members without getting lost. This is how he once again proved that the Georgian population has made a right choice at October elections by voting for his Georgian Dream.”
Eka, Teacher, 31

“I think that it was quite normal, his speech was very balanced and sensible. But also I would add that it could be better with better questions and consequently with better answers.”
Meri, translator, 24

“I did not like Ivanishvili’s address and answers to particular questions. He did not make relevant comments over the Georgian-Russian War and although he did not personally say that Georgia started the war, however, he did not also accuse Russia of aggression.”

“I have seen a lot of comments over Ivanishvili’s speech at Facebook and I find it really interesting how differently pro-UNM and pro-Georgian Dream politicians and ordinary citizens evaluate his address. I think in Georgia people are still politically biased on behalf of the political teams they support and they have their own truth. I personally just listened to Ivanishvili as I used to listen to Saakashvili or any other politician who delivers a speech on the international level and I strongly try to maintain the balance towards the new and former government and avoid becoming a “side”. There were some issues I liked in his speech and those which I disliked, but it is just my opinion, I cannot claim that I am right.”
Ilia, Economist, 36