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Ivanishvili’s government to find out the figures of Soviet time savings of people

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 25
After the arrival of the Georgian Dream, people who had lost their savings kept at Soviet banks started demanding their money back, asking Georgian Dream coalition to take care of this issue. At the beginning, the new government refused to touch this issue, saying that it was not mentioned in their election promises. However, later they changed their mind and decided to create a special commission which would calculate the amount of the debt and think of the possibilities of returning this money to the owners. Some steps were made in this regard in 1998. However, as the Rose administration had come to power, the process stopped. One could be optimistic that at least the state has recognized the existence of this debt. As soon as the amount is defined, the model of returning this debt will be elaborated. However, the process could be prolonged for dozens of years.