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Do you support legalization/decriminalization of marijuana?

Thursday, April 25
“I do not support decriminalization of marijuana. The decriminalization process is long and complicated. It should be strictly specified: 1. Attitude towards the user. 2. Attitude towards realization. 3 pros and cons of the substance (if it has at all) 4. State’s position towards usage marijuana and its users. I consider that the state should more fight against the bad habit what is using of marijuana and should not legalize it.”
Dimitri, theolog, 36

“In my opinion marijuana does not belong to drugs, anyway it must not be legalized in our country, not because it is crime, but because Georgian people are not ready for it yet. Legalization will lead people to addiction and you will not see even one male outside not to have the hang over.”
Nini, MA Student, 25

“I am not aware about the characteristics of marijuana. If it can be considered as a drug, of course it should not be legalized."
Anuki, student, 22

“Of course it should not be decriminalized. Marijuana is a drug and it harms our youth. I don't think that anyone should be sent to prison for using any kind of drug, this should be changed, but there should be some kind of punishment. "
Nana, Housewife, 54

“It would be nice if marijuana would be legalized but a control should be established over its terms of purchase as it is in Holland, for example.”
Giorgi, IT Specialist, 34

“I do not support decriminalization of marijuana. I do not like watching the people who are out of mind… The legalization of marijuana in our country might cause negative outcomes.”
Artiom, Journalist, 25

“I support decriminalization-legalization of marijuana. The reason is simple, I like it, I also can speak much on positive sides of marijuana. However, at this moment I am too lazy to speak about it.”
Nodar, Poet, 26