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Candidates of the Georgia Dream take leading positions in by-elections

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, April 29
The Central Election Commission of Georgia (CEC) finished summarizing the preliminary results of the by-elections of the Parliament of Georgia of April 27, 2013. Results from all 177 precincts of #9 Nadzaladevi, #52 Baghdati and #54 Samtredia election districts have all been counted. Candidates of the Georgian Dream take the leading positions.

Preliminary results are as follows in the Nadzaladevi district: Tamar Kordzaia, candidate of Election bloc Bidzina Ivanishvili - Georgian Dream - 39.5 %. The following two positions are taken by Kakha Kukava, candidate of Free Georgia - 17.3 % and Mirza Davitaia, candidate of the United National Movement - 15.1 %;

In the Baghdati District - Paata Kiknavelidze, candidate of Election Bloc Bidzina Ivanishvili - Georgian Dream - 61.9 %. The followers are - Vladimer Tsikoridze, candidate of the UNM - 21.1% and Zurab Mskhvilidze, independent candidate - 9.6 %.

Samtredia District-Giorgi Kakhiani, GD candidate - 80.9 %; Emzar Shubladze - candidate of the UNM - 18.7 %.

The CEC stated that polling took place in a calm environment without incidents, “however with only a few technical shortcomings.”

CEC stressed that the Baghdati Election District was an exception. According to the appeal, submitted by NGO Society for Democracy and Legal Development, an automobile with state number FXF-382 was standing by the ¹10 election precinct. The vehicle represents the office car of Gela Mshvildadze, head of the local police. PEC members were called separately for conversations in the mentioned car. As considered by the NGO representatives, the above mentioned is a pressure on PEC members from representatives of law enforcement bodies, which itself represents a criminal offence. It shall also be noted that the photos are attached to the appeal, featuring the mentioned car in front of the election precinct and the policemen.

The CEC emphasized that the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared that after their verification, the fact was not confirmed.

“We believe that denial of similar complaints during the election process needs to be more persuasive, furthermore, when we already have had the facts on participation of heads of Khoni Police and Samtredia Security Police in agitation meetings,” the CEC suggested.

Members of the Georgian Dream stated that the elections were held so transparently and fairly that even the UNM could not make negative remarks. Members of the Georgian Dream called the elections as “exemplary.”

However, opposition representatives spoke on tens of violations and at the same time stated that the violations did not have an influence on the election results.

“The violations detected during the election process did not disturb the voters or affect the outcomes that reflect the public view,” Papuna Davitaia said.

The election process was positively assessed by the UK and US ambassadors to Georgia. “One more step made for Georgian democracy,” British Ambassador to Georgia, David Moran, stated.

“Elections are being held in a normal environment, that is the sign of democratic principles,” US Ambassador, Richard Norland, stated.

Georgian NGOs stated that the elections were conducted in a calm and transparent environment. However, the NGOs spoke on some procedural violations and there being some non-qualified individuals among the observers. They also spoke on the fact of violation of journalists’ rights at one of Nadzaladevi precincts.

The final results will be published in 10-12 days.