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Medical analysts estimate the healthcare situation in Georgia

By Keti Arjevanidze
Monday, April 29
Curatio International Foundation published the results of Barometer of Georgia Health Care research on April 25. The survey describes the healthcare processes in Georgia, estimates the changes and shares expectations of the possible changes in healthcare. The survey represents the results of the current situation in the health field from November, 2012 to April 2013. 91 health analysts participated in the research.

The survey also covers the issues related to the economic results of the general insurance program, the quality of medical service and healthcare financing policy.

According to the analysts, the quality of medical service remains a problematic issue, as no significant changes have been carried out in this regard. They also believe that the medical education currently is not adequate with its requirements. A third point on which the analysts have concerns is the policy of financing healthcare. 59 % think that steps taken by the government towards healthcare financing are not adequate.

61% of analysts expect that the government's policy will contribute to the improvement of the health of the public. Analysts also expressed their expectations about the price of medicine on the market.

Two-thirds of the questioned analysts share the opinion that in the field of healthcare, the financing policy of the government will reduce the number within the population insured on their own expenses, which according to them will not be positive and will cause the reduction in private investment in the insurance sector.

Minister of Labour, Health and Social Protection Davit Sergeenko also spoke about the price reduction on the market. According to him the ministry actively monitors the market of medicines. He said that there is not total reduction of prices on medicines, although he added that there are significant changes with regard to price reduction.

He also said that the ministry is not going to implement an imperative regulation of the prices, thus avoiding interfering in the activities of private companies. “We are not going to tell private companies how to act, it should be regulated in accordance with the law," said the minister.

Recently, Georgian Dream member Koba Davitashvili accused Minister Sergeenko in lobbying private insurance companies while working on the strategy of state insurance, as well as in corrupt deals with private insurance companies, stressing that the insurance policy of the government is focused on the interests of insurance companies instead of the healthcare of the citizens.

Later a meeting was held between Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, MP Koba Davitashvili, Healthcare Minister Sergeenko and head of parliamentary healthcare committee Dimitri Khundadze. According to Davitashvili, he received all the answers to his questions and the promises given to society will be fulfilled, as the reforms will be carried out and implemented.

Khundadze stated that the incident between Davitashvili and Sergeenko is set and all the questions of Davitashvili were met with complete answers. Earlier, PM Ivanishvili announced that Davitashvili’s issue would be discussed among the political council of the coalition, but Khundadze said the latest meeting has changed this necessity.