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What do you think about Georgian fashion? Do you follow fashion trends?

Monday, April 29
“I do not like what is going in Georgia concerning fashion. Everyone is dressed in practically identical clothes… I prefer to have my own style and not follow Georgian fashion trends.”
Natia, Student, 21

“Georgian fashion is a quite complicated issue. I have my own fashion.”
Ana, Language specialist, 25

“Georgian TV channels do not pay attention to Georgian fashion. There are only several young designers who are popularized when there are some other old designers who create nice collections. If Georgian fashion is not paid attention to, and will not be promoted, the fashion situation inside the country will not improve.
Lasha, Musician, 30

“Honestly I think, we are one of the best dressed nations worldwide. Regrettably Georgians cannot afford much, but still people try to follow the best tendencies in the world fashion.”
Ninia, MA student, 24

“Georgians are really well dressed, but there is no fashion in Georgia, I mean our designers do not create anything people would love to wear.”
Salome, student, 19

“The most comfortable clothes for me are T-shirts with jeans.”
Giorgi, Photographer, 27