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Why do you think Georgia should join NATO?

Tuesday, April 30
"Well, the only reason I want to join NATO for is that we simply need the membership. Honestly a country like Georgia with its geopolitical location should stay neutral, but we are in a difficult situation so it's better to join NATO to feel a bit safer."
David, IT support, 28

"NATO membership should protect us from Russia. It will be harder for Moscow to attack Georgia, as it will be actually facing all other members of the organization, which is a big danger for our northern neighbor."
Lika, corporate lawyer, 26

“I do not think that NATO is an active and effective organization. What shall we gain if we become part of the organization? The organization will not be the guarantee that we reintegrate our occupied regions."
Nana, Employed, 45

“There are three main issues: 1. if you are not the member of one of the powerful organizations you are not as respected. 2 when you are the member you might have to do such actions that are more in the interests of the organization than of the member country and 3, to be the impartial country, however, achieving impartiality is really difficult.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 26

“We will not be able to be the member of NATO as Russia will not allow this to happen. If Russia will act in this way it will be a sign that we might lose our occupied territories, that is why I am against participation in NATO.”
Goga, Engineer, 42

“I am not very well familiar with the NATO regulations and standards this is why I always try to avoid answering such questions. As I know the member states should take some responsibility and I am not sure whether Georgia can perform those duties because it is a small country with a small army, but because we have 20% of our country occupied maybe NATO support can somehow change that scenario and return the situation to its initial orbit in terms of the breakaway regions.”
Valeri, Basket Ball Player, 31