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Thursday, May 2
10 people detained over the issue of agricultural vouchers

Netgazeti reports that the investigative section of the Finance Ministry has detained 10 people for fraudulently profiting from state-owned property. The Ministry of Agriculture's Fund for Agricultural development has been implementing two spring projects and has provided farmers access to cheap agro-credits.

The Agency for Managing Agricultural Projects responsible for the proper distribution of the resources, distributed vouchers to farmers in the regions, which they could have used for buying the necessary tools for agricultural activities in the specialized shops.

Even though the vouchers had an indication that it was prohibited to exchange them for money, the representatives of the investigation service revealed violations when the shop owners bought the vouchers for a less amount of money rather than its original value, falsified the databases to make it look as if the farmers had really bought the tools with the vouchers and received the money from banks.

An investigation is underway.

Magda Anikashvili addresses healthcare committee over the issue of maternity leave

News.Ge reports that one of the leaders of the Christian-Democratic Movement (CDM) has addressed the members of the Parliamentary Healthcare and Social Issues Committee to present their written position over the bill on maternity leave.

Anikashvili thinks that the terms and duration of maternity leave, ways of payment and amount of money, are important preconditions for a womanís job, while this draft law considers prolonging maternity leave for 6 months.

According to her, the new committee members should define their position over the former MPís bill and inform the bureau in six months.