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Discussions over presidential candidates underway

By Messenger staff
Thursday, May 2
Kakha Kaladze, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said the information released in the media and on social networks that suggested he was chosen as a presidential candidate for the Georgian Dream is not true. Meeting with media representatives on May 1 in the frames of Georgian Government for Open Governance, Kaladze said any candidate who is nominated for the presidential position will be worthy for the Georgian population.

Stressing he has not received a proposal to be the party's presidential candidate, Kaladze said it would be hard for him to make such a decision because of his age and lack of experience. However, he said he will move to any position on his team.

Although the Georgian Dream has not yet nominated their presidential candidate, Kaladze’s possible nomination has recently become the subject of controversy. Georgian Dream member Eliso Chapidze told Primetime that she would welcome Kaladze’s nomination, although she said there are other worthy candidates too. “Any candidate from the Georgian Dream will be acceptable for me,” Chapidze said, adding that Kaladze would have a great chance, as he is much-beloved by the public.

According to Gogi Topadze, no final decision has been made about who would be the ruling team’s candidate. However, he said everyone would support Kaladze if he is chosen.

Kakhi Kakhishvili, Head of the Research Centre for Elections and Political Technologies, thinks that Kaladze is the “face” of the Georgian Dream. He said some within society, including him, had been skeptical towards Kaladze’s appointment as the Minister of Energy, while he became “surprised” with his level of preparation.

Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze said a couple of days ago that several candidates may be discussed at the council session where the council members will exchange the opinions, but the ruling team will make the final decision by the end of this May.

However, Kakhishvili said according to the new state constitution, the forthcoming president should be an arbiter who is not associated with any party. He also commented on the oppositional United National Movement (UNM) calling it “artificially active” and its members just strive to keep their positions.

UNM plans to select their presidential candidate via primaries. According to the preliminary information, UNM member Gia Baramia will promote his candidacy in the primaries.