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What do you think about the Laboratory 1918th rally on May 1st?

Friday, May 3
"I think that the reaction of the police was not appropriate and all who attacked the students and disrupted the peaceful rally should be punished. If the police had a problem with certain students disrupting traffic they should have arrested only those instead of attacking the entire rally. The day's events were a big minus for the Interior Ministry."
Levan, student, 21

"I think the incidents that took place between students and police were a provocation staged by the opposition and one more careless action taken by Georgia's current government."
Alika, engineer, 40

"I didn't like the students' actions, but I also think that the police also exceeded their power. The police should not be provoked by the activities of several individuals. In general, when Laboratory 1918 holds a demonstration one should not attend it as the founders of the organization and the best members of the organization have left it."
Shota, student, 21

"I still cannot guess what happened during the rally that irritated police officers so much that they detained participants. I didn't take part in the demonstration and only heard about what happened via TV. This is why I really need answers to my questions – maybe these students were really violating the law, I can't say. The only thing I know is that my freedom of expression ends the moment I violate yours."
Elene, MA student, 25

"I heard someone say the former government started their activities in the same “brutal” way as the police did yesterday under the new government. But there is one thing I should emphasize – the 80% of police officers are the same, so I don't think it's right to connect these people to either the old or new regime. Every game has its rules and who knows, maybe from their own point of view both the students and the officers were doing the right thing."
Mamuka, doctor, 47

"I was very surprised to hear that the demonstration protecting the rights of working people devolved into a fight. It's really a pity that students were detained for expressing their rights, but it is hard to judge either side without being more familiar with the details."
Nino, translator, 31

"The students were expressing their attitude while police officers were carrying out their duties. I think both sides should take responsibility over the consequences of the clash and stop accusing each other."
Aleksi, economist, 28