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Do you think abortion should be banned? Why?

Tuesday, May 7
“It has been mentioned that that abortion should be condemned and prohibited, the initiator of the appeal is the Patriarch Ilia II. I think that it will be nice for the country and for our demographic condition if abortion is prohibited, but there are some cases when abortion should be done as the health condition of a woman might be bad. I think that abortion should be prohibited but permitted in some exceptional cases.”
Manana, Teacher, 53

“I consider that abortion is one of the greatest sins and crimes, as in this case, a woman kills a little baby. I think that abortion should be prohibited through legislation.
Nana, Student, 22

“I think that first of all, the reason of abortions should be detected, the sources should be annihilated and the problem of abortion will not be so painful and frequent in our country. There are many families in Georgia who have not even bread, they have to live in misery and avoid to have many children at home. That is why in many cases Georgian women agree on abortion. In case if economic problems are solved and large families are assisted, the problem of abortion more of less will be solved. That is why I would advise the current government to be focused on the sources of the problems more.”
Gela, Colonel, 54

“I do not think abortion as a crime. Embryo is not a person, while it can develop and transform into a child after delivery and thus gain the rights as any other human being.”
Maka, Writer, 26

“The ban on abortion may cause illegal and dangerous cases of abortion.”
Davit, Driver, 38

“I think it is better to teach the couples how to protect from pregnancy and later move on restrictions.”
Erekle, Professor, 47

“I don't think abortion should be banned. I am not against abortion. It is good way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.”
Keti, Journalist, 24

"I'm totally against abortion, but I think should not criminalized, as it will lead to illegal abortions and it will be harder for the healthcare organization to control the situation. Actually the problem can be fixed easily, if people start using contraception."
Megi, tour agent, 30