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Georgian state property given up for 1 lari

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, May 8
The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) has recently published a list documenting the state property that was given away for 1 lari in Adjara. Between the years 2005-2013, 36 state property units were given out by the state to different organizations or people. The investment commitments stipulated in the agreement were fulfilled only in six cases. The agreements were terminated in 13 cases, while in 17 cases the agreement continued. The GYLA confirms there are many discrepancies in these legal documents. The agreement does not have sufficient paragraphs that address the controlling fulfillment of its commitments. The documents lack the paragraphs defining the exact terms and other faults. The GYLA says there are many vague formulas and conditions and some entities were of an obscure origin; some companies were registered just two days prior to the transaction had taken a place, so it could be concluded that this issue needs solid state control and investigation.