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Do you think Russia might be a partner of Georgia in energy field?

Wednesday, May 8
“I think that there is nothing bad if Georgia has a relation and collaboration with Russia in this regard. The country is closer to us than some European or other countries and in general, I prefer Russia to some others.”
Ani, language Specialist, 24

“I think that there is nothing unacceptable if we have this connection with Russia.”
Mariam, State Service Employee, 45

“I think that it is a serious issue and needs serious thinking. To my mind, Russia is not a stable partner and at any moment it can change its position, if something is not in the federation’s interest. I consider that Georgia should not be dependent on Russia for energy resources, as it is the greatest lever for Russia. I hope that there will not be any confrontation between the countries any more. However, if there is some misunderstanding Russia might use the energy levers or juts stop their transfer as it did several years ago. It will be better if gas import is carried out from Turkey and the state will find out additional sources for energy filed, including Russia. However, the federation should not be the full importer state of energy resources in Georgia.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I think it should be Georgia’s partner as the closest neighbor.”
Salome, Interpreter, 48

“I agree with the idea that we should have communication with the neighboring countries; however, the Georgian-Russian war in August 2008 is an important factor for me to treat Russia as an enemy. I think we have great relations with other states which can provide us with sufficient resources.”
Nodar, Dentist, 34

“Politics should differ from any other field or type of relation. I approve of any cooperation with Russia which can bring some benefit to my country and people. Of course it's terrible that Russia has occupied 20% of Georgian territories, but still I think every conflict can be overcome through wise decision-making.”
Elene, Dancer, 19

“No, Russia should never be a partner of Georgia, because we have a conflict for 5 years and tens of thousands of IDPs.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 31