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Margvelashvili urged to apologize for making discussion public

By Salome Modebadze
Wednesday, May 8
Georgian Dream MP, Koba Davitahsvili, thinks the Minister of Education and Science, Giorgi Margvelashvili, should either apologize for his expressions about the Labor Code or resign at least from the position of Vice PM. Davitashvili said on May 7 that the Minister should “improve this awkward mistake.”

Davitashvili referred to Margvelashvili’s recent opinion concerning the proposed changes to the Labor Code when the Minister feared that if the amendments are finally adopted, the labor code will be imbalanced, leaving no chance for the development of business.

Davitashvili found the Minister’s opinion strange, because as he said the Labour Code was discussed at the cabinet session, while Parliament discussed the issue later. Davitashvili thinks it would be better if Margvelashvili would have shared his opinion openly with the ministers.

On the same day, Margvelashvili expressed his worries that his “private” talk with the students at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) on May 3 has become the subject of discussions in the media. He said he had not even made a statement, but just discussed different issues.

“I am worried because I am not used to making statements against the team,” Margvelashvili said, adding that the rights of labor in Georgia are protected by people who think Rosa Luxemburg is associated with the offense.

“Those people who know history would have understood in which context I used her name,” Margvelashvili said, referring to his recent statement that the amended Labor Code of Georgia is “Rosa Luxemburg’s dream labor code.”

However, Margvelashvili said that Rosa Luxemburg was a woman who scarified her life for the rights of workers.

The Minister said he is ready to discuss the issue of his possible resignation but only with the governing team that is responsible for the political decision-making.

Justice Minister Thea Tzulukiani also commented on the issue. She said she is ready to head the new wave of changes within the Labour Code. In Monday’s interview with Imedi TV, Tzulukiani said when European colleagues had familiarized themselves with the proposed changes, they said it would be the minimum of what “a civilized” country with a Western orientation can write in its labour code.

The acting labour code provides “Carte Blanche” to the employer while the employee is deprived of its rights. Tzulukiani said she plans to head the next wave of changes in the labour code aimed at protecting the rights of female employees. The minister said this issue is directly connected with demography, as the women should have the opportunity to get married and deliver children apart from working.