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Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness 2013

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 9
According to the WIN/Gallup International Association presented its Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness at year end 2012. It shows that economic gloom is subsiding worldwide and hope for an economic recovery has risen from -2% to 7%; an increase of 9% from a year ago.

Georgia was the first in the list of 10 Most Hopeful Countries with 63% of net hope on the economy, followed by Azerbaijan and Brazil. So the majority of those Georgians who were questioned for the survey think the next year will be a year of economic prosperity compared to this year. It is interesting to mention that if in 2010 Georgia’s net hope on economy was 0, in 2011 it increased to 43 and in 2012 – 63. Around half of these people said they personally feel happy, 4% – feel unhappy, while 37% - neither happy nor unhappy. Thus, according to the net happiness, Georgia took 15th place after Spain and Japan, while it is followed by Singapore, Austria and Canada.

This global survey was carried out in 54 countries, with more than 55,817 men and women, covering a vast majority of the world population. Gloom about the economy seems to be subsiding in North America. Economic hope is resurging in India and China. However, Western Europe still faces challenges with a slightly more pessimistic apprehension about the future of its economy.