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Thursday, May 9
GD expected to name presidential candidate next week

The Georgian Dream coalition is expected to discuss who will be its presidential candidate for the October 2013 elections this weekend PM Ivanishvili said on Tuesday.

He said that the leadership of the Georgian Dream coalition will meet on Saturday and then on Sunday, there would be a meeting with lawmakers from the parliamentary majority to discuss the issue.

“I have my favorite candidate,” Ivanishvili said, but declined to specify and added that it “does not mean that my favorite candidate should necessarily” be selected by the coalition. (Civil.Ge)

UNM to start conducting primary in late May

United National Movement (UNM) will start conducting its primary in late May, Mikheil Machavariani, the representative of the parliamentary minority, told reporters.

According to him, five candidates are expected to participate in the primary.

Just one candidate has been identified as of now. Giorgi Baramidze made an announcement about it himself. Mikheil Machavariani refrained from identifying the other candidates.

"We plan to hold internal party elections in the regions too. There will be a televised debate between the presidential candidates as well. It will take approximately two months. So, our candidate will be revealed in late June," Machvariani said. (IPN)

Russian occupants arrest peaceful resident

Russian occupants have arrested another peaceful resident, this time from the Kaspi district`s village of Sakorintlo. The man was gathering greens when the soldiers of the occupant forces took him away, charged with the illegal crossing of the administrative border of the occupied region. Nikoloz Sarauli is from the village of Sakorintlo. Georgian police confirm that the hostage has been taken to Tskhinvali. (Rustavi 2)

GUAM delegation headed by Georgian Parliament’s Vice-Speaker

A delegation of GUAM at the international conference of the Baltic Assembly will be headed by Georgian Parliament's Vice-Speaker. Deputy head of the Georgian Parliament, Zurab Abashidze, will visit Riga from May 8 to 10, where he will attend the international conference of the Baltic Assembly’s "Establishment of Cooperation: Report of Baltic States."

The Georgian Parliament said on Wednesday that the conference will be attended by parliamentary delegations of the GUAM countries, the Baltic Assembly and the Assembly of the Benelux countries.

Zurab Abashidze will address the conference on behalf of the GUAM delegation. The main theme of his speech will be the prospects of cooperation between GUAM and the Baltic Assembly, as well as the priorities of Georgia within the GUAM PA chairmanship. (Trend)

Georgian Energy Distribution Company has new head

Jaromir Tesar was appointed the CEO of the Energo-Pro Georgia. Tesar previously served as the chairman of the supervisory board of the Energo-Pro Georgia Company, the company told Trend on Tuesday.

According to the report, the personnel changes took place in the commercial department of the company as well. Petre Kachkachishvili was appointed the department head. He previously served as the head of the energy distribution company's branch in eastern Georgia.

According to Tesar, the company will more actively continue the work under all the projects undertaken recently. The installation of electric the individual meters in the villages of Georgia will continue. The installation process should be completed in 2015.

Energo-Pro Georgia is a power distribution company that serves the population of all regions of Georgia, excluding the region of Kakheti and Adjara. (Trend)

MP Targamadze plans to return to Georgia

Givi Targamadze plans to return to Georgia. A member of the parliament, Targamadze has been in Lithuania for past few months and says that he will take the first flight to Tbilisi and join in political activities right after arrival. Targamadze decided to return to the country after the Interpol bureau removed him from the list of wanted people. Interpol had been searching for him under the request of the Russian government. (Rustavi 2)

Fired workers rally in Kutaisi

Nearly four-hundred workers of the Fresh Georgia Company rallied outside the factory yesterday. The workers said they were dismissed by the management without reasons or explanations and demanded their jobs back.

The protestors asserted their rights were violated and they were going to fight for finding the truth even with ultimate measures.

The company’s management dismissed the complaints of the protestors and explained that they were reorganizing the company and the employees were on temporary unpaid leave. (Rustavi 2)

Natia Mogeladze resigns

Natia Mogeladze, the head of the parties’ funding monitoring service at the Chamber of Control has resigned.

"Natia Mogeladze’s decision was her personal choice,” the State Audit Service says.

We remind you that the Financial Monitoring Service of Political Parties was created on 4 January 2012 and Natia Mogeladze was appointed as the head of the Chamber of Control’s financial monitoring group. (Front News)

Unified National Exams start on June 27

Unified National Exams will start from June 27 with the exams of Georgian Language and Literature. The schedule of the exams will be published on the official webpage of the National Examination Centre (NAEC) at 18 exam centers will be opened in Georgia this year. The number of university entrants registered for exams has reached 42, 000, while those who want to study an MA – 9, 500. More than 25, 000 teachers want to improve qualification.

8, 000 students who pay tuition want to pass exams to receive grants. Around 30, 000 enrollees have chosen English as their foreign language, while the majority (14,500) chose it as a an elective subject and 11, 000 chose geography. (Liberali)