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Thursday, May 9
Georgia 94th place on the list of Best & Worst Places to be a mother

Liberali reports that Save the Children has published the results of its 14th Annual Mother’s Index after surveying 46 developed and 130 developing countries throughout the world. According to the Save the Children’s data, Georgia was 94th among the 176 countries.

The survey revealed that the Georgian government had 12% of female participation in 2012, gross national domestic income per capita was $2.86 USD in 2011, while under-5 mortality rate for the same year was 20.5% from every 1, 000 child. The number of deaths of mothers was one in every 960 woman in 2010.

According to the rating, the three best places to be a mother are Finland, Sweden and Norway; whereas the worst places are in African states: Mali, Congo and Somalia.

Authors of the survey considered five criteria while working on the report, these include: lifetime risk of maternal death; under-5 mortality rate; expected number of years of formal schooling; gross national domestic income per capita; and participation of women in national government;

Three million a year – Batumi City Hall finds a leaseholder for Alphabet Tower

Netgazeti reports that Alphabet Tower of Batumi has attracted the interest of Ukrainian and Turkish companies. Mayor of Batumi, Jemal Ananidze, said a representative of one of these companies has even visited the tower. “The only suggestion was to have three VIP hotel rooms in the building, while the restaurant will remain in the tower,” said Ananidze.

The mayor did not name which particular companies are discussing to make investments in the Alphabet Tower and what would be the terms of the lease. However, he said the leasing price of the tower will be 3 million lari per year. “The investors who are interested in this issue are satisfied with the price,” Ananidze said, stressing that the potential investor would make the relevant decision after negotiating with the companion.

The Alphabet Tower remains the property of the administration of Batumi Boulevard. In case of giving it to the City Hall, the latter will be responsible for the decision-making over the tower. 64 million lari was spent on constructing Alphabet Tower from the budget of Batumi during the United National Movement (UNM) leadership.