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What do you think the main criterion and problems are for bringing up children in Georgia?

Thursday, May 9
"It has to be financial problems. Parents cannot afford to provide their children with a complete daily menu and proper healthcare. It is also very expensive to engage children in sports or other cultural activities."
Salome, service agent, 26

“It is a very complicated and important issue. People have various attitudes and methods concerning the issue. I would say only one thing; parents should teach their children not to be rude and impolite towards other people.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27

“I think that in Georgia, parents who have their jobs have very little time for their child, which is negatively reflected on the views and the character of children. Parents think that their children are at school when they might be involved with some other action.”
Guram, Photographer, 17

“This is a difficult question for me, as I am not a parent… if I were a parent I would try to bring up my child to be polite, kind and tolerant towards others. In case if these three features are in an individual he will be a nice person, useful for himself and others.”
Levan, Student, 21

"As a mother of a 5 year-old daughter, I can assure you that it is very hard to raise children nowadays. We are facing financial and social problems, problems at kindergarten, such as unqualified teachers and etc. My daughter is going to school this year and I'm really concerned about the current quality of education at schools."
Sophio, procurement manager, 30

“The main criterion is freedom. I mean when children have the opportunity to choose. From childhood they should make decisions themselves. What about the second question - parents don't have time for their children (reading the books, go for a walk, play with them) so all the time children use computer and smart phones.”
Teo, Journalist, 25

“I think the problem starts from the labor rights of parents, which is interconnected with the ability of care. The educational system is very weak and finally one of the biggest problems is lacking space for personality realization of teenagers.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 32