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Friday, May 10
Protesting students fined with 400 lari

Liberali reports that the Tbilisi City Court has discussed the issue of students participating in the May 1st rally. Following the judge’s decision six students were fined with 400 GEL each. Nona Kurdovanidze, a lawyer from the Georgian Young Lawyers Association represented the students.

Kurdovanidze said several questions remained unanswered by the court. In particular, the lawyer wanted to know did the government have a formal basis to restrict the rally; was the reason named by police (restoring transport movement) legitimate for restricting the right of assembly? And how appropriate was the police use of force in restricting the demonstrators?

She said answers to these questions would have brought the court to a reasonable conclusion of whether the students had violated the law or not. Kurdovanidze added that the court decision makes her think that the judiciary continues the "faulty practice" of taking the claims of police officers over other evidence.

"In my opinion, none of the arguments provided by the policemen were sufficiently proved. They could not manage to present real evidence that would prove violations from the students.” Kurdovanidze said adding that the facts she had presented proved that no violations had happened.

Georgia celebrates the day of victory over fascism

Netgazeti reports that the Georgian government has scheduled events dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the victory over fascism on May 9th. According to information published on the official webpage of the Georgian government, the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Assistance is responsible for providing veterans of the Second World War with one time 200-lari assistance, and 100 GEL to the families of killed soldiers.

For veterans registered in Tbilisi, this financial assistance should be issued from the budget of City Hall.

The festive events started in Georgia on May 8th with a special ball for veterans that was followed by various events throughout the country the next day.

On May 9th at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in Vake Park, veterans of the Second World War were greeted with flags, guard of honor and a bass band orchestra.