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Monday, May 13
Minister of Healthcare meets media

Liberali reports that according to the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Protection, Davit Sergeenko, the right of life should be protected even during the pregnancy, but it should be ensured through well-realized standards. Sergeenko said this at a briefing with the media in the frames of the Open Governance project.

Commenting about the initiative to ban abortion initiated by the Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II, Sergeenko said the existing standards should be necessarily changed in Georgia because religious, social and traditional statuses need to be considered.

The Healthcare Minister also spoke about the activities of the insurance companies and the salary debts. He said for particular reasons, several million in salary debt has been gathered, insurance and mediation services have more work to do and it was also necessary to increase the number of personnel.

However, the minister said 1/3 of the debt has been covered, while the rest will be covered with the preliminarily defined timetable.

Answering the question about the possible legalization of marijuana, Sergeenko said the legislation needs to be reviewed in this direction.

According to the minister, a wise strategy is necessary. “However, it does not mean that one day we will wake up and buy marijuana in a shop,” he said.

Sergeenko said the company Aditi, which is the daughter company of the Israeli company Ihop, could not manage to fulfill the obligations, so the medical standards need to be improved at several clinics in the region and salaries also need to be covered. The minister informed that the company has to fulfill obligations until July 6 and find the ways of solving the problem.