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ICC presentions

Wednesday, May 15
ICC Georgia held a presentation at the Holiday Inn on May 14. The presentation was sponsored by its members, Alliance Group Holding and KPMG.

Alliance Group Holding began the presentation by unveiling its new product - Business Catalogue – Your Online Partner, the largest and most up-to-date online information database of approximately 10, 000 companies independently registered in Georgia. The guests learned about the innovative features of this new product, as well as how to effectively use the search engine to save resources and increase efficiency.

By gaining access to the business catalogue, a company can obtain business information about another company's annual sales, number of employees, banking and insurance service providers, key contacts and other important data.

KPMG then delivered its presentation on Forensic Accounting and Fraud in Today’s Business Environment. This presentation took the audience through the most common frauds in today’s marketplace and illustrated how forensic specialists can assist companies in protecting their assets.