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Wednesday, May 15
MDF says spreading news on social networks is hazardous

Media.Ge reports that the Media Development Foundation (MDF) said in a statement that publishing video materials from social networks in the Georgian media is dangerous. Calling this fact a “hazardous trend”, the MDF said the media should check the trustworthiness of such material before publishing.

MDF referred to the case of May 12 when Maestro TV showed the footage of how a man was beating women at one of the restaurants as the video material depicting the clash between the opposition representatives and several citizens at La Truffe in Tbilisi.

Welcoming the fact that Maestro TV later apologized for the inaccuracy, MDF appealed to every media organization to be more careful with similar unconfirmed materials before putting them on air. According to the statement, the materials obtained via social networks need additional verification, while in this particular case, the video (released by Maestro) reflected the situation that took place in a different country and has nothing to do with the incident at La Truffe.