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Who do you think is a weak or strong link in the cabinet of ministers?

Wednesday, May 15
“To tell you the truth I have no answer to this question. I have no information concerning ongoing political issues. In general, I do not like the situation in agriculture, education system, healthcare, environment protection…”
Alika, Engineer, 40

“In general I would positively assess the actions ongoing through the leadership of the cabinet of ministers. However, there are some issues and certain ministries towards which I have questions. I mean the interior ministry first of all and exceeding of power from law-enforcements side. It should be pointed out that the general inspection does not make an adequate response to such issues.”
Zviad, Journalist, 27

“Well, I think that situation in Georgia was so hard that improving all the problems and living condition requires some time… all the ministries are acting, one problem I want to focus on is the problem of staff. I think that the current government should announce vacancies and choose the employees based on professionalism.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“I like the cabinet so far. I’ve not noticed some sever mistakes yet; hopefully they will keep the same way. Alasania and Gharibasvhili have to be the strongest members of the cabinet together with the Economy Minister Khaduri, they seem to be one of those who can make their own decisions.”
Maka, Executive Manager, 34

“I like Tsulukiani, because she is the only one from the ministers I know and I’ve heard about. I really try to stay away from politics, so I don’t even know the names of the ministers.”
Mari, student, 20

“Tsulukiani has to be the strongest link in the cabinet. She is smart, intelligent and fearless in her decisions. Overall, it seems that we have a better cabinet now, than we had previously.”
Natia, choreographer, 27