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How would you assess the developments of May 17 confrontation between the LGBT supporters and their opponents?

Monday, May 20
“I am proud on what happened on April 17. In my eyes, no one is Georgian that supports the LGBT people. Georgia is a country that is standing on the blood of saints and Georgians must not let anyone to insult the values.”
Jemal, employed, 50

“I was attending the anti LGBT demonstration. There are people who are trying to bring some inacceptable values in Georgia. We do not want such values. We should have a choice. Public told its words and everyone saw this, we have displayed our force.”
Giorgi, Student, 22

“What has happened was very far from democracy and Christian values.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“Stereotypic thinking is the root and main reason of Georgia’s misfortune. Until we refuse the thinking like this and are more educated, nothing will come out.”
Mariam, Director, 50

“I do not hate gays, but I am against the propaganda of homosexuality. I don't want my 9 year old son to be told, that homosexuality is normal. It is deviation from normal.”
Vika, Housewife, 31

“The celebration of the day against homophobia which was scheduled over a month prior looks very suspicious for me. I cannot name any particular person who may be standing behind it but I still believe everyone knew what reaction such a rally would have caused among the Georgian people but still risked to at least announce.”
Ilia, Writer, 41

"It was horrible, I was there, we were not trying to advocate LGBT movement or anything similar, we just wanted to stand for the rights of LGBT people and to say that everyone is equal under the law. But as a result we became attacked by the crowd."
Tamar, lawyer, 25

"I'm really sad because of what happened on Friday. I do not think it is normal to be gay and or someone should be proud of being one, but we do not have any right to beat people in the streets, just because they are not like us. That's simply wrong. I don't think anyone chooses to be gay or straight, probably this is something beyond our control."
Maka, Executive Manager, 34

"This people should finally understand that Georgia is not a place for propaganding a gay movement. If someone's a gay no one cares, but it is not necessary to yell about your sexual orientation in the streets."
Vaja, Engineer, 51