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Do you believe Merabishvili's detention might threaten or destroy Georgia's international image?

Thursday, May 23
“I think Georgia's international image is already quite damaged, mainly because of religious fanatics, Merbaishvili's arrest might pass even unnoticed...”
Temur, Journalist, 27

“Well, I do not think that arrest of Merabishvili might cause any threat for Georgia’s international image. The investigation is ongoing on the issue and very soon everything will be clear, in the case that he committed crimes he should be judged and arrested. I hope that no one will be released on bail.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

"It won't of course. Well it shouldn't. High officials commit crimes in many countries and they should be put under prosecution and it is normal."
Nino, financial manager, 34

“I think that the government of Georgia is using wrong methods against their political opponents. I consider that the attitude will impose negative developments both inside the country and in the eyes of the international community. It will be bad if the government goes on to arrest a political opponents.”
Nika, Employed, 46

“I think Georgia’s internal and foreign policies are interconnected with each other and any step made within the country can reflect on its foreign orientation and support.”
Ilia, Student, 20

"The fact of detention should not exactly destroy our international image, but it will have a negative impact for us. The EU already said that they will follow up on the investigation procedures, which means that the EU does not trust our current government."
Nata, primary school teacher, 29