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How did you celebrate Independence Day?

Monday, May 27
“I think it is very important to celebrate national days and recollect the history from the life of your country. Even though it was raining in the morning I went to Rustaveli Avenue with my husband and attended the festive events with pleasure.”
Nino, Dentist, 28

“Unfortunately I did not have time to attend the May 26 celebrations because I am preparing my diploma thesis and I spend 24/7 at home gathering, analyzing and reporting the information connected to my thesis topic.”
Elene, MA Student, 24

“I skipped the celebration this year due to the horrible weather. Usually, I go out with my friends to walk down Rustaveli Avenue and then we go to a bar or cafe in downtown.”
Nia, HR, 24

“I do not exactly celebrate the Independence Day, don’t know why though. The day is of course very important for me and I fully know what it meant in 1918, but I have not really thought about celebrating it. Probably when Russian troops leave our country, I will feel the independence and start to celebrate the day after.”
Nika, Associate Professor, 34

“Well, it was too bad weather, at the same time, I had not a day off and I could not attend the events that took place concerning the date. In general, I think that it is one of the most important days in our history.
Gvantsa, Teacher. 25

“Previously we used to attend military parade on Rustaveli Avenue. This year the parade was cancelled and also weather was bad, so my family decided to stay at home, so we have not celebrated much.”
Nana, housewife, 42