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Do you think individuals with dual citizenship should be allowed to hold high government positions?

Wednesday, May 29
“I do not see any problems here at all.”
Nini, MA Student, 25

“I absolutely approve such an idea. I do not think there is something wrong in having a president, or PM with dual citizenship. It is more important what sort of leader they are.”
Tamar, Gender Specialist, 24

“I do not approve of this idea, because I think people will not have much trust towards a person with dual citizenship.”
Tamar, Journalist, 26

“I think that the individuals having dual citizenship should have the right to take part in elections and hold the highest state positions. In this case, his professionalism is the most essential and most important for me.”
Sophio, Social worker, 41

“Why not? If someone has a citizenship of Georgia why should they be prohibited to take part in the presidential race? They should have the right.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 25

“I think it is a very complicated issue and contains serious risks… I prefer a citizen of Georgia who has lived in the country for many years and knows the specifics of the country take the highest state positions.”
Kakhaber, Doctor, 37

“I think any high official with dual citizenship may act against this country because he or she would “belong” to another community. So, if they want to hold high-ranking positions in the government, they have better retain single citizenship and serve the interests of that very country.”
Erekle, Writer, 32